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Dies ist eine Liste von Sammelkarten welche man in der Steam Version seit Release 1.0 sammeln kann. Nach dem man alle Karten gesammelt hat, kann man diese zu einem Abzeichen umwandeln. Die verschiedenen Abzeichen sind verschiedene Langfinger.

Serie 1[]

Bild Beschreibung
Badge Lillyth.png A crafty and cunning priestess of Din. Lillyth and Arkanos tentatively work together, but both of their motivations are unclear.
Badge Hoodie.png A very mysterious creature that seems to act as something of a cartographer. Hoodie bears a striking resemblance to the Gatekeeper, but their link is unclear.
Badge The Gatekeeper.png A mysterious figure that controls the gateway to the Othermine. The Gatekeeper is similar to Sleepy Hoodie in appearance, but their connection is unknown.
Badge Griswold.png A creature of refined taste. Griswold is Arkanos' curator and maintains an impressive collection of creatures from the Undermine.
Badge Wayland.png A humble blacksmith that prefers to stay to himself rather than get wrapped up in the affairs of others.
Badge Beltrame.png A loyal assistant to the alchemist Baba. Beltrame has sacrificed her health in pursuit of her master's work.
Badge Sho'guul.png A mysterious creature that occupies an in-between realm. Sho'guul tempts peasants and other creatures with power in exchange for dangerous burdens.
Badge Baba.png A powerful and experienced alchemist of the kingdom of Delvemore. Baba has sacrificed much in pursuit of knowledge and progress.
Badge Arkanos.png An exiled archmage in charge of renovating a defunct goldmine. Arkanos cares little for those that work for him and holds many secrets.
Badge Black Rabbit.png A street urchin turned profiteer. Black Rabbit has spent her life learning how to get by and it might be starting to pay off.
Badge Bathcat.png A mild mannered priest and guard to the Delvemore dungeon. Bathcat is easily pushed around, especially by his partner Toadvine.
Badge Toadvine.png A gruff and grumpy footman. Toadvine believes no good deed goes unpunished and has the experience to back it up.