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Beltrame is a character in UnderMine, they are on a quest of their own, and the peasant can help them find all of the Artifacts for their mission.


Shiitake.pngShiitake can be found in a room with Matsutake and some enemies. After clearing the room, you receive the mushroom by talking to Matsutake.

Nightshade.pngNightshade can be found in a room with a sign that implies you to destroy all light in the room. When the lights are off, the mushroom will appear. If you are on this quest and the sign in the room is broken before you read it, destroy all lights to make sure whether or not the Nightshade is there.

Blastcap.pngBlastcap can be found in a room with a blown up ground, which creates a circle and a normal mushroom in the middle. Blow up the middle to reveal the Blastcap mushroom.


The quest can be done in several runs, and does not have to be done in the same run.

After finding all three mushrooms, you will have to wait a bit before finding Beltrame again to finish the quest. The player then is granted access to Baba’s Laboratory in the Hub.

The mushrooms do not need to be found in a specific order.


Mushroom Quest[]

After finding all the mushrooms:

you have discovered all of the mushrooms!? That is great news! I can now leave this place.

Thank you stranger, Baba will be pleased. You have done me a great service.

Please come visit us in the Laboratory on the top level. There I will present you with a token of thanks.

Thank you again Human friend. I will await your return above in the Laboratory.Beltrame

The Hub:

Go Away! This laboratory is closed!???
Master I have returned with your lunch, I apologize for the wait.Beltrame
Oh ho ho! Aren't you a slow creature Beltrame. I sent you away yesterday.

You have fallen short of my already tempered expectations, but I cannot feed on disappointment. Bring them in.???


Oh ho ho! What do we have here Beltrame? What stray animal has followed you home?Baba, the Alchemist
This Baba, is my human friend. They assisted me in my quest for mushrooms.}

No... wait.

This is a different human servant. Have they all been different?Beltrame
Hegh, hegh. No matter! I can see that Arkanos' servants wander beyond their boundaries.

But you have been useful to me. Listen closely peasant...

If you or your ilk find recipes in the mines, you can return them to me and I will teach you the alchemy.

Let my generosity be known.Baba, the Alchemist
Human friend..Beltrame
Enough sulking Beltrame! You have work to do.Baba, the Alchemist

Related Achievements[]

Ach beltrame.pngA Friend In Need
Assisted Beltrame


VersionAdditions and Changes
?Added Beltrame.
Alpha 0.1.5Beltrame, the Alchemist Apprentice will now sell Empty Bottle.pngEmpty Bottles that the peasant can purchase.
Alpha 0.1.6Beltrame and Griswold have had their portraits added.
0.4.2Fixed a problem causing players to be unable to find Beltrame and unlock the laboratory if they previously collected multiple Shiitake.pngShiitake mushrooms due to an older bug.
0.5.0Many new NPC dialogs have been added for various game states and Beltrame rewards the peasant with the Apprentice's Tincture.pngApprentice’s Tincture recipe after helping her in the mines.
1.0.0Added new music to Beltrame encounters in the mine.