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Dibble is a merchant in the Hub that sells basic items, potions and relics.


He is locked behind a gate in floor 1 of Delvemore Dungeon. The gate requires 2 Keys to open.

Shop Upgrades[]

In your runs, you may find the red Shop Keeper. It sells Artifacts that upgrades Dibble's shop. These artifacts are:


Ach dibble.pngStaying Positive
Rescued Dibble


VersionAdditions and Changes
0.0.0Added Dibble.
0.1.3Dibble’s secret pilfer shop can now spawn edible food with Meal Ticket.pngMeal Ticket.
Fixed several bugs with Dibble's loot tables in the Hub.
Dibble no longer sells Talisman.pngTalismans in the Hub.
0.3.1Fixed some issues causing Dibble to stock too many relics and to restock his store after reloading.
0.4.2The chance to find upgrades for Dibble’s shop has been increased.
0.5.1Fixed an issue where Dibble referred to the female peasant with “sir,” rather than “madam.”.
0.7.0We asked Dibble once again to stop restocking his shop after an Othermine run. We were very stern this time!.
1.0.0Added new music when meeting Dibble and Dodson for the first time.
Added new dialog to hub NPCs after the peasant has reached the Golden Core or defeated Seer.



Dibble will always have a secret room behind him when you rescue him from the dungeons. When the player gets close to the Secret rooms behind him, he will stop them and try to keep them away from it. The room houses a blueprint and a Thorium1.pngThorium Chest in it among some barrels which may also contain loot.