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Gold10.pngGold is a currency item in UnderMine.

The player can find gold on their travels and stores the metal in their sack. Upon death, they will lose a portion of it depending on their gold integrity; all gold can be kept if the player completes a run or picks up the Sewing Kit.pngSewing Kit. When gold hits the floor, little cave dwelling creatures called Pilfers pop up from the ground and try to steal them. Each piece will be targeted by only one Pilfer; once that Pilfer has been repelled, no other Pilfers will attempt to steal it. Gold can be used to purchase items and gear upgrades. The player may carry a maximum of 999,999 gold at any time. Gold value is affected by Wealth.pngWealth Blessings and the Canary.pngCanary's Philospher's Touch ability. Gold can be found in walls, stones, statues, crystals, containers, chests, plants, skulls, and more.

Nugget Cost
Gold5.png ≥5
Gold10.png ≥10
Gold25.png ≥25
Gold50.png ≥50
Gold100.png ≥100
Gold500.png ≥500
Gold500.png (only on death) ≥5 000

Related Achievements[]

Ach spend gold 1.pngPatron I
Spent 10,000 gold at shops
Ach spend gold 2.pngPatron II
Spent 50,000 gold at shops
Ach spend gold 3.pngPatron III
Spent 100,000 gold at shops