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Mortar, Charged Golem is a boss in UnderMine. He is found in the final room of the Delvemore Dungeons. He drops Mortar's Fragment.pngMortar's Fragment and the Electrified Orb.pngElectrified Orb schematic after beating him for the first time. He halves incoming lightning damage and has attacks that inflict lightning damage. The orbs are not strong against lightning. Mortar can only be directly damaged by bombing him otherwise; damage is dealt by breaking his Orbs or attacking his arms.

Mortar, Charged Golem has Heart.png 3,000 and his Orbs have Heart.png 250.

Attack patterns[]

  • Attack 1: When Mortar's health is above 50%, he goes to the side and send his arms to slam down on the player. The arms can be damaged.
  • Attack 2: Mortar moves to the middle of the room and sends his orbs out. Some of these orbs slam into the ground and emit electricity; those in water will electrify the water. 2 Orbs fly to both sides of the arena and make an electric beam which the peasant needs to jump over. Two additional orbs can create another, vertical beam on higher difficulties. The arms are invulnerable during this pattern.
  • Attack 3: When Mortar's health is below 50%, he expands the ring of Orbs (which deal contact damage) and sends his hands down on the peasant; this is faster than attack 1. The Orbs return afterwards.

Tips and strategies[]

  • The peasant should avoid using electric attacks when possible to prevent the water pools from being electrified.
  • Bombs are recommended to damage Orbs during Attack 1.
  • Guidance.pngGuidance and Sonic Boom.pngSonic Boom are useful for dealing damage quickly to multiple Orbs.
  • Resistance to electricity is recommended (e.g., Gordon's Tunic.pngGordon's Tunic).
  • You can jump on top of Mortar and to avoid damage from the lasers
  • Eidolon.pngEidolons Level 3 ability will instantly annihilate all of mortars orbs on lower summoning stones, if the peasant takes a hit.


Ach rocklord.pngA Pebble in the Road
Defeated Mortar, Charged Golem
Ach mortar hardmode.pngThunderstruck
Defeated Mortar, Charged Golem while Rogue's Ultimatum is applied
Ach all bosses.pngHail To The King
Defeated Selt, Mortar, Noori, Ponzu, and Seer with the same peasant


VersionAdditions and Changes
0.0.0Background for Mortar, Charged Golem fight arena.
Mortar, Charged Golem idle and death textures..
Mortar, Charged Golem fire texture is now blue instead of yellow.
Mortar, Charged Golem orb textur changed from cyan to blue.
Added Pestle Sinister.
Renamed Rocklord to Mortar, Charged Golem.
0.1.1Fixed an issue loading into Mortar’s room related to killing bosses out-of-order.
0.1.3Reduced contact damage with Mortar's orbs.
0.2.2The enemy now takes 50% lightning damage.
0.3.0Boss Reworks - Mortar and Noori have added new moves to their arsenal and provide an even bigger challenge than before.
Noori and Mortar have been significantly tuned and rebalanced.
0.3.2Mortar now pauses for longer when collecting his orbs, giving more opportunity for damage.
0.4.0Changed health of Pestle Dexter (Left) from 1,000 to 10,000,000.
Changed health of Pestle Sinister (Right) from 1,000 to 10,000,000.
0.5.0Brand new, custom, boss music tracks for Selt, Mortar, Noori, and Ponzu.
Noori and Mortar now drop boss specific recipes. These can be found in their respective rooms if they have already been defeated for the first time.
0.6.0Mortar no longer displays damage kickers on his body.
1.0.0Fixed an issue that would cause Mortar to begin his final attack pattern early when running in Russian or German.


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