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Disambig.png This article is about the stealing npc pilfer. For the shop keeper, see Shop Keeper. For the character, see Pilfer (NPC).


Pilfer are cute, green slimes, which love gold. Once free Gold hits the ground, the pilfers will appear and attempt to steal it except when the player is in the Hub, Hoodie's room. or a Boss room.


Ach kill pilfer 1.pngMoney Grubbers
Thwarted 500 pilfers
Ach pilfered 1.pngEasy Come, Easy Go
Lost 5,000 gold to pilfers


VersionAdditions and Changes
?Added Pilfer.
0.0.0Changed GUID from 4015b0802bfc45f991ef0a019fa6486e to a012868f4de64a7097602fe203999992.
0.4.0Cleaned up the navmesh, hazard grids, and added pilfer exits to nearly every room.
0.4.1Added X-Mas Skin.


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  • Pilfers can push you if they bump into you. This can make you fall into a pit, to be pushed into items you wanted to save for later, on spikes, and more.
  • Pilfers do not count as an enemy, and this affects some items in the game. For example, Butcher's Cleaver.pngButcher's Cleaver, and Intensifier.pngIntensifier will not be activated by those, and Conductor.pngConductor will not electrocute them.
  • Pilfers die from one hit, therefore spikes, electricity, and fire are useful.
  • Pilfers can trigger traps.
  • Pilfers go to a random chunk of Gold10.pngGold each. It does not have to be biggest one. Once its pilfer dies, the carried gold chunk will not be taken by other pilfers until the player leaves the room or more gold drops to the floor.
  • If you take a pilfer's specific Gold10.pngGold chunk and then more Gold10.pngGold is mined and that pilfer is still in the room, they might go for another Gold10.pngGold chunk.
  • Although pilfers do not appear in the Hub to steal money, they will steal Blessings, Potions and Relics if you have already crafted more than one of each for this run.
  • Pilfers can rarely steal Thorium1.pngThorium, but they do not go after it at first. If a gold chunk that a pilfer was targeting is picked up before the pilfer fully spawns and there is no gold left in the room, pilfers will target a random thorium piece if there are any.
  • Pilfers will steal Golden food and golden statues.
  • Pilfers can be changed into other pilfers if you use the TRANSMUT3 Installation in a room with them.
  • Pilfer delivering items in shops are invulnerable to damage and Pilfer's Nightmare.pngPilfer's Nightmare curse.