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Plunder King is the boss found in the Contested Bog

Attack pattern[]

The fight consists of three phases

Phase one mainly involves the Plunder King jumping after you similar to how a Glomp.pngGlomp moves, when the Plunder King lands it leaves behind a large pool of poison which will poison the peasant when stepped in. After the Plunder King has done that a couple times, it will jump very high in the air and land in the middle of the room, summoning some Corrupted Pilfer.pngCorrupted Pilfers and spawning a shock wave that expands outward in a ring around the boss. This wave can be avoided by jumping, and if the peasant gets caught in the shock wave they will receive the hobbled effect which will make them move very slowly and be unable to jump. However the timer on this effect ends with just enough time to jump out of the way of the boss before he jumps toward you, so a mis-timed jump doesn't necessarily indicate a hit.

After a certain % of HP is taken from the boss it will split into two which is the second phase of the fight, hitting either of the two Plunder Kings will inflict damage on the boss bar, and in general the two Plunder Kings will continue to jump after you like in phase one, only with smaller puddles of poison but more of them. there is also a short phase that happens occasionally in this part of the fight where the bosses will shape themselves into cylinders and roll back and forth on the top and bottom, in opposite directions.

The third phase will happen after another HP gate where the bosses will split into two again, leading to having 4 bosses to fight. This phase also has a roller part to it where the four bosses will turn into four rollers and roll back and forth vertically. In this phase each one has its own HP pool that when drained will make it disappear allowing the player to thin the numbers until they've destroyed all four bosses concluding the fight.


If this is the first time defeating Plunder King the player will receive the Plundered Crown.pngPlundered Crown. Otherwise the player will receive nothing for completing this fight.

A portal will open to the Endroom where Death's Hand is awaiting, however in this version of the room, there is no stone to be picked up, nor a crown.

The Contested Bog is not an alternative route for gaining Summoning Stone.pngSummoning Stones rather it is a challenge to win Favor of the Queen.pngFavor of the Queen


VersionAdditions and Changes
1.1.0Added Plunder King.