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Disambig.png This article is about the crafting resource. For the Developer and Publisher of UnderMine, see Thorium Entertainment.


Thorium1.pngThorium is a currency item in UnderMine.

It may be found in blue Chests or in statues in Delvemore Dungeon. It may also be found when peeping at a Skeleton. Thorium is used to craft Potions, Relics, Blessings, and hatch Familiars in the Hub. Items that are more powerful usually cost more Thorium.

It can be picked up with a thrown pickaxe if the player has bought Gecko's Foot.pngGecko's Foot. Up to 999 Thorium may be carried; picking up more will consume it without adding it to the count. It disappears if it is not collected before exiting the room.

Thorium is not specifically targeted by Pilfer.pngpilfers, but if all of the gold on the ground is picked up before a pilfer fully spawns, they will go after any thorium on the ground.

Thorium nugget sizes
Thorium1.png — Thorium gem with value of 1
Thorium3.png — Thorium gem with value of 3