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This is a list of Trading Cards you can collect from the game in the steam version, as of the 1.0 release. After collecting all of the trading cards in a series you can craft them into a badge. The different levels of badges are different pilfers.

Series 1[]

Image Description
Badge Lillyth.png A crafty and cunning priestess of Din. Lillyth and Arkanos tentatively work together, but both of their motivations are unclear.
Badge Hoodie.png A very mysterious creature that seems to act as something of a cartographer. Hoodie bears a striking resemblance to the Gatekeeper, but their link is unclear.
Badge The Gatekeeper.png A mysterious figure that controls the gateway to the Othermine. The Gatekeeper is similar to Sleepy Hoodie in appearance, but their connection is unknown.
Badge Griswold.png A creature of refined taste. Griswold is Arkanos' curator and maintains an impressive collection of creatures from the Undermine.
Badge Wayland.png A humble blacksmith that prefers to stay to himself rather than get wrapped up in the affairs of others.
Badge Beltrame.png A loyal assistant to the alchemist Baba. Beltrame has sacrificed her health in pursuit of her master's work.
Badge Sho'guul.png A mysterious creature that occupies an in-between realm. Sho'guul tempts peasants and other creatures with power in exchange for dangerous burdens.
Badge Baba.png A powerful and experienced alchemist of the kingdom of Delvemore. Baba has sacrificed much in pursuit of knowledge and progress.
Badge Arkanos.png An exiled archmage in charge of renovating a defunct goldmine. Arkanos cares little for those that work for him and holds many secrets.
Badge Black Rabbit.png A street urchin turned profiteer. Black Rabbit has spent her life learning how to get by and it might be starting to pay off.
Badge Bathcat.png A mild mannered priest and guard to the Delvemore dungeon. Bathcat is easily pushed around, especially by his partner Toadvine.
Badge Toadvine.png A gruff and grumpy footman. Toadvine believes no good deed goes unpunished and has the experience to back it up.