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Data Mined Files[]

These items were found the game with full translations likely unused ideas


Fire Axe[]

Fire Axe.png

effect: Thrown pickaxe spreads fire

description: The other kind of fire axe. The one that spreads the fire.

Star Marked Buckler[]

Star Marked Buckler.png

effect: Ricochet the thrown pickaxe

description: A shield forged from an indestructible metal. Still undamaged after years of punishment.

Grappling Hook[]

Grappling Hook.png

effect: Launch yourself across great distances

description: Kurtz has often talked about using a grappling hook, but Wayland never issued him one.

Message in a Bottle[]

No Image available

effect: Discover your fortune

description: "This one just says... butts." - Black Rabbit

Liquid Lockpick[]

No Image available

effect: Grants 2 temporary keys for the floor

description: As the liquid is poured from the bottle it forms the shape of a key. Once it hardens it can.

Liquid Wallbreaker[]

No Image available

effect: Grants 3 temporary bombs for the floor

description: Instructions read: Place pea sized amount in palm, rub hands together, drop and run!


No Image available

effect: Creates a slow field around the peasant after killing an enemy

description: A grand clock whose hands are set by the stars.


No Image available

effect: Float after catching the pickaxe, increases damage while floating

description: The fish does not see the eagle, and it does not feel the killing blow.


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