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Upgrades offer permanent increases to the Peasant's Stats and equipment, increasing their amounts, potency and effectiveness as well as upgrade and expand the various establishments and consumables found in the dungeon.

Peasant equipment[]

The Pickaxe01 Plus.pngPickaxe upgrade increases swing damage.

Tier Name Description Swing Damage Cost Gold/Damage (cumulative) GUID
Base Peasant's Pickaxe Standard issue tool for the working class. 14 n/a 0
Upgrade: b4a0cc89545946efbfc1145b6c5b340e
1 Sturdy Pickaxe A shockingly good build for someone of questionable state of mind. 18 75 5
Upgrade: e168f24a3e734b61a7fdd387638d2d0e
2 Tempered Pickaxe Tempered metal really cuts down on vibration when bashing rats. 22 150 11
Upgrade: f4492aa46271496b9b8f411228d9926b
3 Blue Steel Pickaxe A very photogenic weapon. 26 300 21
Upgrade: 22d91760c56d4c42b5462478f9480417
4 Stone Axe Attacking someone with a stone hammer is a crime of war in some kingdoms. 30 600 38
Upgrade: 0c45915cca6c4858896d1d6d050008f9
5 Rock Smasher Does not literally smash rocks, but it makes for a good name. 34 1,000 63
Upgrade: 4da3d5b07fa84a6d8b961a4c2285fc16
6 Crystal Pickaxe A pickaxe both made of, and designed to mine crystal. Figure that one out. 38 1,500 96
Upgrade: 2b4f655ffcd04099a45b1ea73fa10c44
7 Bronze Hammer The head of the axe is actually a bronze dipped baby boot. 42 3,000 158
Upgrade: 38d46f442d0e45fdab9e870454cb0e3f
8 Smo's Hammer A larger, bronze hammer that tapers outward. Belonged to a disgraced executioner. 46 4,000 231
Upgrade: 938c60e617ba46b794dda2e190e4858c
9 Steel Axe A primitive but effective alloy weapon. 50 5,000 313
Upgrade: a0c012e0fcc64e57b4695938350065a2
10 Obsidian Pickaxe Made from a black, glassy rock that is often associated with cursed objects. 54 7,000 419
Upgrade: 2f850bd3d8fc4bd2a0103208c95e07f8
11 Platinum Pickaxe Blacksmiths often call platinum the poor man's mithril. 58 9,000 546
Upgrade: d3dcc05fe61e4528a8e766b6411f4d99
12 Mithril Pickaxe Blacksmiths often call mithril the rich man's platinum. 62 11,000 688
Upgrade: e7a87c56d259445abadfcef70d5781f4
13 Runed Axe Nothing makes a hammer more effective than carving in some lightning bolts. 66 15,000 874
Upgrade: bc340717e9c74f71acb2f3bddb597a82
14 Diamond Crusher A diamond miner returned this after discovering it was maybe too good at its job. 70 25,000 1,181
Upgrade: fceaebf2bb73424284a655848767c7dc
15 Thorium Pickaxe Made from the hardest and most valuable metal, so it's a pretty big deal. 74 50,000 1,793
Upgrade: 4c7a15c940024e31b10cd745abf7ae66

The Tunic01.pngTunic upgrade increases max health.

Tier Name Description Max Health Cost Gold/Health (cumulative) GUID
Base Peasant's Vest It's like you're wearing nothing at all. 200 n/a 0
Upgrade: 79d0a8c94f5f40079e2cd30d1c42c31f
1 Breezy Rags Some tired cloth scraps, barely held together with failing string. Very breathable. 220 100 1
Upgrade: 76d9a3c690bb41c1a2c03dbfa4d2a839
2 Linen Pullover A pullover made of linen. 240 200 2
Upgrade: b3c1e119b1014020bffc47367ec9e03e
3 Burlap Sack Appears to be a food sack with three holes cut out of it. Durable, but very itchy. 260 350 3
Upgrade: 1621a6788a0849efbe99b575221ccad9
4 Woolen Chiton Looks to have been worn by someone else, but returned after it shrunk in water. 280 700 5
Upgrade: a3ccd04ff3104511bebf9fc042454f99
5 Leather Vesture Something that resembles actual protective wear. The leather is scarred with cuts and scrapes. 300 1,200 9
Upgrade: d2015d8cc92148739f00c083db2e4eea
6 Hide Tunic Patches of thick monster hide held together with strong leather thread. Oddly familiar looking. 320 1,800 14
Upgrade: c90ff39b1f554c7b8624f0abb61d06b4
7 Iron Threaded Garb An ingenious design of patterned leather with thin iron thread running through it. 340 3,800 24
Upgrade: c9651372affc4e9486e0f95652341f35
8 Rock Skin Vest A morbid vest made from the flayed hide of a rockpile mimic. 360 5,000 37
Upgrade: 0379055e408b4f52ae8f6ca2d00ce8a3
9 Diamond Gossamer Jacket Only a thorium blade can sever the gossamer of the crystalline spider. 380 6,200 51
Upgrade: d779288c36d74c3c83979936999fdd14
10 Padded Vest A thick vest, packed with down. Cozy in the autumn. 400 9,000 71
Upgrade: de9323ff2e044dc68ce1138a33d3563c
11 Studded Leather Jacket What it lacks in protection, it makes up for in cool factor. 420 12,000 97
Upgrade: d2ab5290264f4a948a14ace5a6ff2584
12 Bear Coat If things go poorly in the mine find a bear den and try and blend in. 440 15,000 126
Upgrade: 123db00160ea42f0ac70f71dc3dff688
13 Bronze Threaded Garb Very similar to the iron threaded garb, but slightly more stylish. 460 20,000 164
Upgrade: 37514e6573ee4cb687b521c5a7122331
14 Chitinous Plating In the theme of making armor from animals... 480 30,000 220
Upgrade: f653c34e32a04caeb86cca7fc3444453
15 Thorium Plated Surcoat A king's surcoat that is more than ceremonial. Plated in thorium and impenetrable to daggers with ill intent. 500 60,000 331
Upgrade: 5b677686f76e43d5823cb35d4c5a21e8

The Throw01.pngGloves upgrade increases throw damage.

Tier Name Description Throw Damage Cost Gold/Damage (cumulative) GUID
Base Peasant's Mitts Perfectly suited for holding a pickaxe. 10 n/a 0
Upgrade: 9cd17d7a32ae40eeb46b5ea532ef0d28
1 Hand Covers Just enough cloth to prevent major blisters, but not minor. 13 50 4
Upgrade: aaf5330585c442129bbbfaf7f4f7bcb6
2 Woolen Gloves Wool mittens with a string connecting them. 16 100 10
Upgrade: ea4fbb04fffe4f8b8287ea847a5c7e80
3 Leather Skins Thin and soft and comfy, but with a few holes. 19 250 21
Upgrade: 5618fc67e8444557b4a3a95b0c144852
4 Tough Leather Mitts Pull out a blackberry bush and not suffer the consequences! 22 450 39
Upgrade: c97057170d8740b0b938a679de78c65e
5 Studded Gloves Metal studs make these leather gloves look badass. 25 750 64
Upgrade: 48a2c20f26874b528cdb7bf6086a6930
6 Tarred Gloves A little pine tar for that extra zip. 28 1,200 100
Upgrade: 1b72f767cce645ec85d73d120397ae71
7 Woven Leather Gloves Sports a patterned weave for added protection and style. 31 2,300 165
Upgrade: fcbf74575a9e4e5fbb80505f95e4e973
8 Thick Hide Gloves Made from a creature with a thick hide that brought all the smith's to the yard. 34 3,000 239
Upgrade: ed6ae1c060f644f9aaebc3d460ceb19d
9 Bobo's Claw A hollowed out paw that can be worn like a gross hand puppet. 37 4,000 327
Upgrade: 78a24d3c64d0401d877f6c0f18e3d39c
10 Prismatic Gloves Named for the colorful light reflected by strong shells woven into the fabric. 40 5,000 428
Upgrade: 57d7fc7f5f484080ad8b313e2ff0b438
11 Iron Threaded Mitts One thousand iron spiders were used to make the thread. 43 6,500 549
Upgrade: de195f80c2694605a689f62288bc5a9f
12 Throwbo's Claw From one throwing creature to another. 46 8,000 687
Upgrade: df5b2965f9b04b01862b035d02e59d41
13 Steel Plated Gauntlets Very heavy and bound to bulk up the arms. 49 12,000 890
Upgrade: 4f1848ef3546454c97ddf43bbf27f4fd
14 Stone Gauntlets Completely impractical. 52 18,000 1,185
Upgrade: 87eb5daacc46479594fce5f53251df56
15 Thorium Gauntlets It is rumored that a wise and benevolent king erased half a kingdom with a snap of their fingers. 55 38,000 1,811
Upgrade: 70ba23a9c440454e86fe4dc70a90be44

The CounterWeight2.pngCounter Weight upgrade increases throw range.

Tier Name Description Cost GUID
Base Counter Weight Allows the pickaxe to be thrown like a boomerang. n/a
Upgrade: 8f17,356,699,994,305b51,951,862d073,654
1 Balanced Counter Weight A carefully crafted weight that maintains a weapon's balance while it is in flight. 400
Upgrade: e9d69,992d8a3,456eb8,447ae8d998dcc5
2 Refined Counter Weight A premium counter weight, measured and engineered to 1/10th of a bit. The highest standard of quality. 1,000
Upgrade: ae32b942b4d2,432,991fa371bf84a4f2e
3 Dynamic Counter Weight A complicated contraption that dynamically adjusts itself to maintain optimal balance in flight. 2,500
Upgrade: 87ba296d9b3,843f8b132a5ca44f2ae78
4 Precision Engineered Counter Weight Constructed by the best engineers in the Delvemore Kingdom. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. 5,000
Upgrade: 4cc1b19e39a640b299fb1cdabb959fc4

The BombUpgrade01.pngBomb upgrade increases bomb damage.

Tier Name Description Bomb Damage Cost GUID
Base Peasant's Bomb Clearing rocks is dangerous work. 68 n/a
Upgrade: 5,997e537,696,249d2b4a4f4,923eaf1f1e
1 Black Powder Bomb Upgrades the bomb from slightly dangerous to pretty dangerous. 78 75
Upgrade: 8a48b033da194,807a78d226aab63,900f
2 Bishop Signature Series Bishop's prized blend of fifty seven different powders and chemicals. 88 150
Upgrade: f0,210ee93eaa4,812a626,872be3a4c3da
3 Stable Concoction Razzil, the Alchemist finally stabilized his brew and the results are good. 98 350
Upgrade: 0e4ac62,948,974,166a8f5cad5c7a982f7
4 Sapper's Choice The preferred explosive of the goblin sappers of the Misty Mountains. 108 750
Upgrade: 43fadcd2,501,844,378a611b3e33,797c77
5 Rook's Formula Rook one upped his brother by finding a fifty eighth ingredient. 118 1,500
Upgrade: 09db76ce272b4,904b3ef20,070b8a76ea
6 One Hundred Pound Bomb Comes with cotton for the ears so they do not get blown out. 128 3,000
Upgrade: 6c5ff28c94f74e3eba6a4b69d6ba89fe
7 Shape Charge Used in the honored past time of carving crude drawings in mine walls. 138 6,500
Upgrade: 75c3ad6a24f4,496a80e449a84c19a95c
8 Widowmaker Responsible for a whole generation of husbandless miner's wives. 148 12,000
Upgrade: 76,717c1de8fb4de08b80c337cb11fe72
9 Diamond Powder Bomb Diamonds contribute nothing to the power, but they do make the explosion pretty. 158 25,000
Upgrade: 41a2d1aecb8,046b488c060dd1,427ed95
10 Big Boy The most powerful bomb in all the eight kingdoms. 168 50,000
Upgrade: abc6ce6bb9,334df8bb695e7c48ebadad

The Sack01 Plus.pngSack upgrade increases gold integrity.

Tier Name Description Gold Integrity Cost GUID
Base Peasant's Sack They want you to bring the gold out, but this is full of holes. Makes no sense. 50% n/a
Upgrade: a51cfa33f5a24ea789,549,412a0ff9dd5
1 Patchwork Sack Looks like it was cobbled together with whatever was lying around. 55% 200
Upgrade: 590cbe7,951c14b1,580,876d6e5af51ba4
2 Potato Sack Just a sack used for hauling potatoes. 60% 400
Upgrade: 6c235faf7f9f416ba72,386ffa4f42d5d
3 Drawstring Pack Better than makeshift, but the drawstring doesn't close all the way. 65% 750
Upgrade: e369c41e0cbb4e6,886e87f55f74f832a
4 Spidersilk Sack Only one was made before the spiders went on strike due to poor work conditions. 70% 1,500
Upgrade: b0b0,391d74c649df80b57de3c6c6b482
5 Leather Bag A pretty ordinary bag, but with one annoying hole in it. 75% 3,000
Upgrade: 342,330,098,738,414c8bbdd3ab47,155fc3
6 Reinforced Leather Bag The same leather bag as before, but with a patch over the hole. 80% 5,000
Upgrade: cce6d70,137da4d0bb3,092fffbf94ae50
7 Hide Pouch A sack made from the natural pouches of several beasts. 85% 10,000
Upgrade: 52f1db47d7,624,442b2,501e9b3f1cc54b
8 Iron Woven Sack The iron spiders don't have as good a union as the others so many were made. 90% 15,000
Upgrade: 23fa9,647cf674fcaaf10,290,391,524b80
9 Diamond Studded Pack What good is hauling gold, if people don't know how rich it is making you? 95% 20,000
Upgrade: 24ddc7fadb2f48da8ba8beffe7b01,593




Dibble's upgrades[]







Ach max pilfer shop.pngA Very Loyal Customer
Completely expanded the Pilfer shop
Ach bottle 2.pngBandolier
Fully expanded the potion slots
Ach bottle 1.pngBelt Loop
Expanded the potion slot once
Ach max tunic.pngFoxy
Fully upgraded the tunic
Ach max bomb dmg.pngIt's Pronounced Nuclear
Fully upgraded the bombs
Ach max gloves.pngLike a Glove
Fully upgraded the gloves
Ach max goldsack.pngMaximum Integrity
Fully upgraded the goldsack
Ach max counterweight.pngPerfectly Balanced
Fully upgraded the counter weight
Ach max dibble shop.pngReady For Business
Completely expanded Dibble's shop
Ach buyout shop.pngSupermarket Sweep
Bought every item in a fully expanded shop
Ach othermine naked.pngThe Naked and Famous
Completed an Othermine run without upgrades from the antechamber chest or shops
Ach max pickaxe.pngTrusty Pickaxe
Fully upgraded the pickaxe
Ach mortar hardmode.pngThunderstruck
Defeated Mortar, Charged Golem while Rogue's Ultimatum is applied
Ach shadowlord hardmode.pngDestroyer of Darkness
Defeated Noori, Spectre of Darkness while Rogue's Ultimatum is applied
Ach ponzu hardmode.pngA Herculean Labor
Defeated Ponzu, Scaled Assembly while Rogue's Ultimatum is applied
Ach firelord hardmode.pngDestroyer of Worlds
Defeated Seer, World's Heart while Rogue's Ultimatum is applied
Ach selt hardmode.pngWorm Tamer
Defeated Selt, Queen of Sand while Rogue's Ultimatum is applied


VersionAdditions and Changes
1.2.0The name and description of Pickaxe Upgrade 9 was changed from Golden Axe - The kind of axe a beast-riding, gnome-bashing, barbarian would use. to Steel Axe - A primitive but effective alloy weapon..
Craftsmanship.pngCraftsmanship and Sewing Kit.pngSewing Kit will no longer drop if the goldsack has been fully upgraded (unless they have never been discovered).